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The markets will show of the best of what the quarter has to offer and will have stalls selling Vintage Clothing and wares, Retro items, local Sheffield Arts & Crafts, Salvage and Shabby Chic, Antiques and Yorkshire made Artisan Produce. The Market will be held inside and out with live local music and entertainment and lots of specialty food stalls. Entry is £2 Kids Free.

Dates for 2017 – Sundays 11am-5pm
30th April, 9th July, 8th October & 10th December

Apologies the POP UP Markets at the Moor have been cancelled for this year.

Fancy a Stall at our Markets?

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Dates for 2017 (Sundays11am-5pm)
30th April
9th July
8th October
10th December

Stalls & Spaces

15 Space (size 3mx3m) (traders need to bring own tables and rails) £35
25 Space Floating (traders need to bring own table and rail. Space is approx 2mx1m) £25

30 Gazebo Space (space only – outside) £25
4 Food Traders Space (space only) £40

*SAQ Members £5 discount on all stalls

Health & Safety

Health & Safety at our events is THE priority From the erection and dismantling of stalls to the setting up by traders and the movement of vehicle on site, to Fire Safety and general event risk assessments and the care and safety of all visitors – We are working to ensure we have covered every eventuality to avoid accidents and prepare for the unexpected. These are just some of the ways we are ensuring we are keeping our event Safe;


1 Market Stalls and Gazebos are supplied by a registered supplier who hold individual liability insurance for their work. Traders with their own gazebos need the appropriate insurance for these and need ensure the maintenance of their gazebos to the appropriate standard required for their insurance and to ensure the safety of customers and members of the public.

2 We operate under the Sheffield City Council License for Temporary events and for Specialist Markets and are aware of the advice and support available regarding these.

3 We ask traders to ensure they have their own individual Public Liability Insurance to ensure they are covered for any incidence that might occur. To include precautions taken to ensure trip hazards are reduced to a minimum and that any equipment used by them is in good working order and secured correctly. See guidance Addition: Please Note: following an incident occurring at one of our events involving a clothes rail blowing over in the wind. Traders are asked to ensure that any rails are securely attached together (if there are more than 1 rail) with gaffer tape or tie-wraps to avoid rails being able to fall in the wind. In addition that these are secured to the gazebo and weighed down with weights. Similar precautions should be taken by indoor traders too.

4 Most importantly we are careful to inform all traders, fully, of the arrangements for setting up and reiterate within these the need for consideration of H&S at all times. Especially regarding injury from lifting whilst setting up or packing away see guidance .
5 We hold Public Liability and Employers liability insurance to cover our events.

6 We require all food traders to be registered with the local authority and ensure that they hold the appropriate food hygiene, licenses and practices according to their businesses. See guidance Second hand traders please note

7 We ensure any alcohol sales are done so with complete regard for the Challenge 25 legislation and by licensed individuals only. Also that anyone supplying alcohol is aware of their obligation to have water available. See guidance

8 We ensure our Electrical Equipment is appropriately tested by a registered electrician and our equipment is of a high standard with RCDs and RCBO protection. Traders are responsible for their own equipment see guidance

9 We contact the appropriate authorities (Fire Authority, Ambulance Service & Police – in addition to our obligations for our TEN License) a few days before our event to ensure their control rooms area aware of our event.

10 We carry out a full risk assessment prior our events – to include inspection of the venue Fire Risk Assessment.

11 We have a close relationship with the appropriate departments within Sheffield City Council to include Environmental Health and Markets as well as the Fire Authority to ensure we are aware of our obligations.

12 We use high vis jackets when setting up and directing cars in and out and have developed strategies to stagger our traders to ensure only 6 or 7 cars are in the area at any one time.

13 We have a registered first aider on site and the venue is responsible for ensuring there is a fully equipped first aid box.

14 Fire Extinguishers are available and accessible throughout the venue in accordance with requirements. We advise traders to make themselves aware of this on the day SEE BELOW FOR PROCEDURE.

15 We do not allow the use of candles.

16 We do not allow traders to use gas.

17 We ask traders to give details of any electrical needs ask them to ensure their equipment is appropriately maintained and in order that we can ensure the supply is sufficient.

18 Goods sold must be legal, non-counterfeit or copies, no explosive material and no live animals are to be sold at the market.

19 No gaming or betting is allowed at the market.

Moor Market Fire Emergency Evacuation Procedure

The following actions are to be taken on the activation of the Building fire alarm

1. All Traders and their Staff are to evacuate the market and go the appropriate and nearest safe exit / fire assembly area (MAIN ASSEMBLY AREA CORNER of EARL STREET/EYRE STREET). Please ensure all door/stairways are kept clear.

2. All Traders / Staff will follow all instructions and advice given by Market Fire wardens (See Attached list)

3. All Traders / Staff should if time permits and it is safe to do to so lower their stall shutters.

4. All traders are to report to the duty Co-ordinator / Fire Warden at the appropriate fire assembly point to allow a check of staff to be taken.

After the Evacuation the following procedure is to be followed.

On Confirmation from the emergency Services Fire/Police:-

1. Prior to allowing re-entry in to the market. The duty Incident Co-Ordinator will undertake a full inspection of the market area

On the all clear being announced

1. The Market Staff and Fire wardens will allow market traders and their staff to return to their stalls.

2. The Market Staff and Fire wardens will allow the general public into the market once all stalls have been checked and are open.


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