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Strike a Pose

It may be odd for a forty year old man to admit …. But I know virtually nothing about makeup.

I am aware of lipstick (obviously) and that it is mostly available in variants of the colour red (or color should you be one of our American cousins). I know that there is something called mascara which is applied to the hair coming out of the eyelids (eyelashes I believe is the technical term), but I have also heard about eye liner. So whether they are the same thing or not I am unsure.

Beyond that my knowledge is a touch vague about the equipment used but the sheer amount of it available in Boots (other cosmetic shops are available) suggests that there is a lot more to it than my limited understanding.

I am also aware that there is a kind of generalised amount of permissible time for make up to be applied. For instance.

A trip to the shops may require only ten minutes or so for a quick touch up.

Preparation for a night out absorbed so much time for my former partners that I would have an extra hour on the Playstation before I even had to get in the shower. The notable exception being my ex Claire who emerged from the bed sheets each morning and was catwalk ready in five minutes flat. My Mum called her “Posh Spice…. I am nothing like David Beckham and I doubt you are under any illusions I would be.

I can also postulate that certain specialist styles may take extra time. A Goth for example most likely gets up an hour early to carefully create that intrinsic and wonderful Goth look.

(I always wanted to be a Goth but I grew up in a small suburban  town called Rawmarsh… And if you had a death wish in the Eighties you dressed like a Goth in Rawmarsh …. Now is seems practically compulsory in Rotherham to be a Goth ... How times change...)

Pose. Sheffield Sheffield Antique Quarter Barton Chase Inc Photography Amanda Louise Ellis

Despite being somewhat vague on the intricacies of make-up I am fully cognisant that you have to be pretty damn good to have had your work appear in Vogue.

Pose. Sheffield Sheffield Antique Quarter Barton Chase Inc Photography Amanda Louise Ellis

Amanda Louise Ellis is a former professional model who moved into being a professional make-up artist, but weirdly although she seems pleased to have been in Vogue is also keen to downplay it at the same time. In fact as I talk to her she is doing the nails of a friend and it is the friend who is more keen to blow Amanda’s trumpet while she works with determination to get the nails to her satisfaction.

There is no easy way to do this so I am going to name drop directly the impressive names that Amanda has been involved with …  Fast and Furious 6, Sherlock Holmes 2 Game of Shadows, Dark Shadows and (for a zombie lover such as myself) the Eschatrilogy. She has also worked on National Television Awards and the British Soap Awards

She even has IMBD page…… It is one hell of a Curriculum Vitae (C.V.) in the make up trade.

And yet she is keen to play down these details and remains focused on getting the hands of her current client perfect, but oddly becomes more energised when discussing Pose. her shop and its design.

The walls of Pose. are adorned with the wooden boards of pallets that have been taken apart to create a rustic feel. Where the boards do not don the wall are picture frames which contain artistically presented beauty equipment, displayed as if trophies acquired by a hunter. Outside the back door appears to be where a hairdryer kicked the bucket and its chalk outline a silent testimony to its last moments before being mounted on the wall .... Though Amanda insists this is actually because this is where it was spray painted.

It looks wonderful and was designed by Amanda herself and, while keen to dismiss the merits of feature films and awards and prestigious magazines … She is proud and pleased to have designed the shop to her own vision and purposefully to blend it seamlessly into the Antiques Quarter.

Pose. Sheffield Sheffield Antique Quarter Barton Chase Inc Photography Amanda Louise Ellis

You got to admit … She did a damn groovy job.

A look through her Portfolio work on the Pose. website suggests that a lot more goes into it than just lipstick and mascara/eye liner … Or whatever is which and what I am still unsure ... I'll ask Amanda when I see her again.

From the heady heights of high fashion she has returned to the city she loves and is now open for business for weddings, proms nights, nails, beauty treatments and the such right here in our proud city and our fantastic Antiques Quarter. She brings with her the wealth of experience of fashion, film, awards and style. And since so many people have popped their head around the corner asking if she cuts hair ... She now has a resident hairdresser in place too!!

Pose. Sheffield Sheffield Antique Quarter Barton Chase Inc Photography Amanda Louise Ellis

Here is someone who can make you catwalk ready or turn you into a zombie …. Which you know … Gives options when planning a night on the town.

It’s been a long time since I went out to the Disco and got John Travolta on, but with the popularity of Zombies over the last few years surely there are zombie nights at Discotheques?

And if not, why not?!! I demand answers!!!

As a photographer I understand the importance of the make up when doing a shoot. I have always been keen to let it happen and wait until its done and normally stressing as we are running late. It’s a full credit to every make up artist I have worked that they have been on time… The models usually turn up when they feel like it….. As such I fully appreciate that to have worked in the industry at such a level requires the “Right Stuff”.

Pop on down to Pose. and get a full feel for that experience …. Just don’t expect Amanda Louise Ellis to make a big deal about the film stuff ... But you can expect her to work some wonders with those make up things I don't fully understand.

Oh and one last thing … I cannot resist.

“Strike a Pose there’s nothing to it …. Vogue”

You just knew I was going to fit that in somewhere didn’t you?

Hugs and love all


Pose. Sheffield Sheffield Antique Quarter Barton Chase Inc Photography Amanda Louise Ellis


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