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Sharrow Vale ... Outside the Quarter by a touch

Should you always beware of the dog when the dog is called Bob?

This is a valid question I shall come back and address in a little while, firstly I have to say how impressed with the freshness of the huge green peppers in the Seven Hills Bakery in Sharrow Vale … I was after all intent on making a chicken in blackbean sauce that night and whilst I dabble with the more groovy chicken in red peppers, I am frequently more traditional and go the green peppers route.

Just after the yuletide season descended I blogged bestowing the merits of Independent shops, specifically within our very own Antiques Quarter. It was with this fresh in mind that my lord and master and all round groovy individual Hendrika invited me to take a stroll around Sharrow Vale and its collection of wonderful independents that lay near the quarter but not quite …..  I was impressed by the peppers, revived by the coffee and delighted with the butterfly bun the lovely Hendrika had purchased on my behalf.

It does in fact sit just off the ever thriving Eccleshall Road, but it does not feel like it belongs in this location. It feels very much that you have parked up in a groovy North Yorkshire village and if you should glance down a side street you will be greeted with the rolling hills and dales of my favourite county…… Which is Yorkshire of course.

The Yard on Steel Road conforms quite nicely to this image. The Yard is the quirky sort of place that we (and I) at the Antiques Quarter love. It has been designed to retain its feel of a stable yard but full of lovely items that are happily available to purchase in exchange for varying amounts of British sterling. You may, and indeed can, find items of art, antique, retro and even plants.

It is also on my radar for photoshoot purposes…  Before leaving I had to ask owner Nick of permission to bring a model down sometime.

Sharrow Vale Shots

A somewhat different environment is across the road in Gilbert & Sons …. And is that not a great name for a business….?

Across three sprawling floors one wonder among furniture both reclaimed and antique and general purpose. Hendrika delightedly investigated a snow sledge that had been ingeniously redesigned into shelves. It is the differing uses of the designs of the furniture that make it a place worth revisiting when looking for furniture as it is obvious that a lot of the items are specifically designed around the imagination of the creator …. Go an take a butchers … You will get my meaning.

Sharrow Vale Shots

Shipstons Real Oak floor is around the back  … And as is obvious in the name … They do floors … But do not limit themselves to this and one can find purpose made furniture, with me personally falling deeply in love with this wine shelf. As a man who is keen on a glass of white wine while I bunch contently on chicken and black bean sauce, somewhere to keep the wine is always handy.

Sharrow Vale Shots

Our last port of call also exists around the corner is the Vintage tableware company who do lovely things with such. It also exists around the back of Gilbert & Sons, so is mega convenient should you be in the area and searching for lovely things of table ware type.

Sharrow Vale Shots

It is also where we met the dog to be aware of, the Dog called Bob.

Its not quite in the Quarter …. Well … Pretty far … But as far as independents are concerned it is also worth a stroll around.

Love to all … And careful round dogs called Bob.

Sharrow Vale Shots




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