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RooM to Breathe

When I clean my flat I really clean. 

For instance say I was cleaning my living room. I shall move all items from one side of the room to the other so it may be polished, while the now clear side of the room will find its walls wiped down and the floor fully vacuumed. Dust is the enemy and it shall be annialated under the jack boots of my cleaning regime. 

From time to time when my jack boots of polish descend their dust assault on a room I shall decide to change things around a little see if it give a better living dynamic and sometimes this works and I exalt in my new design .... Other times I will feel horrible about the new look and feel terrible in myself. 

Someone who can explain the why's and means of this is Fran of RooM Interior Stylist and Decorator on Abbeydale Road

RooM Sheffield Interior Design

Fran seems, and does, appear to be the kind of person to welcome you as "darling" except she adds the K at the end so you find yourself addressed as "Darlink". 

It was as being addressed as "Darlink" that she explained the relationship between ones home being your safe harbour and the psyche. Ones warm and inviting home may put a spring in ones step, ones cluttered and uncomfortable home adds lead weights to the shoes and shoulders and makes you feel down. This I understood and could relate to completely. 

This approach to Interior Style/Decorating is in Fran's metaphorical blood.

The Darling (or Darlink) that is Fran has history when it comes to art and design and blending this with art as therapy. An approach she brings when designing a look for your home. It is the concept that design reflects calm and projects calm into ones home that Fran can provide, an approach to make a room look great and feel better. 

The road which wound its way to RooM took Fran through a spell in Theatre and some time existing at Chapel Antiques before settling here at RooM (the initialling is intentional) on Abbeydale Road she knows a thing or two about design. This is apparent the moment you walk through the door and the peaceful muted colours and disparate objects intertwine into a beautiful blend of a peaceful place to be.The style is the result of an organic journey into Fran's mind that reflects as much as her ability to cater to yours as her own. 

It is a place to be wowed by its feel for customers and for friends to come and sit in the chair of counselling to discuss the latest tribulations and leave refreshed and unburdened. 

RooM Sheffield Interior Design

I have sat on the chair .... give it a try .... It works. 

It is the thought of colour and style that trickles through to the designs for her customers. Here sits a person who is thinking about the look of your house and how it can suit you the moment she meets you. I can relate as a photographer as I am already planning your photo shoot before we finish our hello's. Fran is similarly sizing up exactly the sort of home which would fit you like the metaphorical glove. 

(I am using metaphorical as a word a lot today .... Its my word of the day) 

Fran likes items that bring resonance, that bring feelings which suit us as individuals. She likes to see spaces and see the perfect things that fill the void into something comforting and comfortable, items which fit that metaphorical glove I was talking about (Yes ... Metaphorical again ... I'll stop now). 

It is more than that though, RooM also aims to present the home as who you are and how you interpret the world. 

RooM Sheffield Interior Design

There are plenty of items individually for sale at RooM and you can just pop in and find something shiny and twinkly that you can take home and put in a place of loveliness, but I feel that is something to be said for aiming for a grander plan and Fran is just the kind of lovely, warm and experienced eye that you could take some advice from. The makeover home boom has been going on for years now and Fran has that eye and calmness in mind that it is well worth talking to. 

Thankfully and happily this is something that you can request with up to an hours free consultation with the lady herself at the comfort of your own home. You can check out the website for details and shop for your own little items in the comfort of your own home. 

She may even address you with that warm genuine "Darlink" 

So pop over to RooM and see if Fran can give your home room to Breathe .....Metaphorically speaking. 


Chris x 


RooM Sheffield Interior Design



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