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A passion for antiques with a limit of 3

Rustique, Imagination, Excellence, Chocolate Heaven, Conquest Saxony, Maison Chic, Chocolate Heaven, Park Royale,

One of these is not the genuine name of a carpet .... Care to guess ..... 

Wrong .... Its Chocolate Heaven. 

If I was naming carpets I would call one Chocolate Heaven and make it a deep brown and be very fluffy .... But then again I do not know that much about carpets except that you don't want to buy one that gets all static like. 

I personally could not get my head around a carpet called "Conquest Saxony" .... Carpets should be warm and fluffy and far away from aggressive connotations .... Still baffles me. 

Abbeydale carpets

Paul, who runs Manor Antiques and Partners with a friend for Abbeydale carpets knows a thing or two about both carpets and antiques ... Although he himself admits he floated into carpets (I should have done a magic rug there joke .... But could not quite put it together) he has a definite history with antiques (you see what I did there). 

Abbeydale carpets

I have always envisioned that visiting the home of anyone into antiques would be like visiting a museum, not so in this case. 

Paul has eyes that constantly sparkle in that way that suggests a friendly laugh is about to erupt. Every  time I see him greet a visitor, whether shopper or friend, those eyes sparkle and a warm smile spreads across his face. It does so when I ask about his home under the assumption it would be a haven for the antique lover ... Unfortunately not he assures me as he is under a strict rule that he is allowed only three antiques at once ... And although this has made for touch decisions in the past he is happy with this arrangement. 

Abbeydale Carpets sits opposite Ruffles and Lace to the front of that wonderful building the Old Coach House on Abbeydale Road and is accessed via a lovely passageway that leads to the back courtyard. Walk through this passage and look to the left to see Paul smiling in greeting (sparkling eyes and all). 

Inside Abbeydale carpets one may rub their hands over fine carpet that definitely will not cause static, which is a great start. Abbeydale carpets assures you of classic, classy carpet. But Paul's passions for antiques is round the back in the wonderfully proportioned Manor Farm antiques

Abbeydale carpets

It is here that Manor Farm antiques exists after its long stint at The Vaults. It is also outside here that one may have their hair cut by Mr Snipsnips on Saturdays. 

Abbeydale carpets

Every time I visit here I see something lovely and I am delighted to discover that Paul also enjoys old style electronics . 

Before I left I flashed some of the photos I had taken .... Rather self aware that my photographic record of my visit was not my greatest I mumbled something apologetically about the shots with the words "Sorry its not great ... Its only carpet" 

Paul flashed that humoured sparkle and he smiled. 

"Only carpet?!" 

Abbeydale carpets

He does indeed have a passion, love and knowledge of antiques .... But he also has pride in service and customers ... And in carpets ... 

I should really choose my words better. 




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