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The Nether Edge Herbarium .... Name changes and natural solutions ..

The Nether Edge Herbarium formerly known as Alton and James sits itself on Abbeydale Road.

I must confess to you that I am unsure as to whether this name change was done officially via deed poll or on the hoof, but I do prefer its new name. I myself once considered changing my name from Chris to Barton Chase. I managed to get as far as preliminary research before some kind friends locked me in a basement until I came to my senses (this took about three weeks).

Whilst I never did change my name I did start my business under the Barton Chase brand … And at the time I researched name changes I spotted one company offering buy one get one half price which struck me as bizarre to say the least.

Nether Edge Herbarium

Returning to the point at hand ..... 

The Nether Edge Herbarium … Formerly Alton and James Medical Herbalists sits on Abbeydale Road and offers natural remedies. 

If there is a Victorian charm to the place it emanates directly from Robyn and Geoffrey who captain the good ship Herbarium. Geoffrey embodies a distinctly Dickensian character with his sparkly eyes and enthusiastic charm. Despite the rather serious intense expression of a apothecar at work he is more likely to be wearing a warm welcoming smile. But he is intensely serious about his work. 

Nether Edge Herbarium

Whilst I photo rummaged Geoffrey absorbed himself with helping a customer who has brought their child in for their treatment. The two are obvious regulars and Geoffrey is fully absorbed in creating the necessary concoction for their requirements. As the two leave he says more to the distance than me. 

"Treating them has been one of my greatest successes" 

He says this not with boastful pride but the quiet satisfaction of having performed a good deed. 

Nether Edge Herbarium

All the herbal practitioner peeps at the Herbarium abide by the ethical standards of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists. They offer consultations to devise holistic cures tailored for the individual. 

Nether Edge Herbarium

They provide a full range of natural products both pre made and approved or mixed up by Geoffrey, Robyn or one of the team. 

The Herbarium with its wooden floors and shelves lined with creams, pills, herbs and other natural purchasable items comes from the experience of those versed in their craft .... And yes that is Victorian ... But it is also remarkably modern in its approach. 

If something ails you .... it may be worth a visit ... And take the natural path. 

Nether Edge Herbarium


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