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Lucy Bullen – Langtons Antiques Cente, The Vaults, The Abbeydale Picture House & Jameson’s Fine Things

Lucy Bullen is a Sheffield-based illustrator and prop maker working mainly within the UK film and media industries. We commissioned her to design these posters for an antipollution project funded by our lovely local Councillors. Rather than risk putting visitors off by admonishing them for using cars, or highlighting problems with parking and congestion, the posters aim to encourage walking as a great way to show off vintage purchases. They also intend to promote the Quarter itself as a place to find fashion, furniture and good food, and to meet fellow vintage-lovers. The posters are based on well-known retro images and lettering styles. ‘Get Spotted’ is inspired by Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck scooting around in Roman Holiday and by William Klein’s iconic Capucci shoot for Vogue. ‘Stop Traffic’ is a combination of the 1960’s “Mini traffic jam” publicity stunts and posters for Doris Day screwball comedies. ‘Strut’ pastiches the opening sequence of the film Saturday Night Fever and the peacocking machismo synonymous with the 1970s. Printed and erected by Broadfield Signs. Thanks to all involved especially Lucy who didn’t take a penny for her efforts.

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