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Looking for adventure and Craft Beer

Get your motor running, head on out on the highway, looking for adventure and whatever comes our way.


What came the way of David Turner was Craft Beer inspiration.


Mr David Turner (now proud owner of Turners Craft Beer and Bottle Shop) went running down the highway on a cross country tour of the good old US of A. I think many of us have dreamt of cruising down those open roads going coast to coast. David decided to do it different and put his foot down (to the speed limit of course) heading south to north … Or hot to cold as I preferred to interpret.

Turners Beer Barton Chase Photography

His rather roundabout route to Abbeydale Road and Turners Bottle Shop took him across the US via Australia. A circuitous route to his destiny with Craft beer, a side line in Cider and a recent and growing flirtation with the world of Gin. Gin quite possible the comeback king of alcohol who’s reputation has gone from mothers ruin to stylish more often than ...... (Insert suitable cliché here …)


Turners is a resplendent place with suitably clean lines, stylish use of breeze blocks for shelves and endless lines of beer. The front section though is where attention is immediately arrested with a device that seems oddly reminiscent of Mr Fusion, the device which powered Doc Brown’s Flux Capacity (full nerd marks for any of you who got that one … If you got it then well done .. If you did not then you really should have).

The Growler

It is the wonderfully unique Growler refill device and I have never seen one before.


The concept though is simples in the extreme.


One simply purchases a bottle for a one off price and then uses the Growler filler to fill the bottle with one of the four beers on offer. Once one of the four barrels is emptied of its contents then it is replaced with a different one, giving you options when you come back next time, though there will be at least one local brewery on offer.


You then take the bottle home (or friends to share) and enjoy the golden contents in comfort. As soon as the bottle is empty you simply return to Turners with empty bottle and make your selection of the next refill and only pay the price of the beer.


Sheer Craft Brewery beer poetry in action.


There are at least 3000 bottles floating around out there and often being brought back by eager regulars. It is a pleasing arrangement that involves good beer, novelty and the theatricality of using Doc Brown’s Mr Fusion to top up your bottle.


What totally and utterly fascinate me is that the Growler filler (Or Mr Fusion as I insist on calling it) is made in Russia. Russian and US relations are obviously better than we thought and the spirit of Glasnost lives on in the beer.

Turners Cider

Beer and cider are natural bed fellows when it comes to selling the stuff, but Gin has begun stomping its bouncebackability feet in Turners. Gin’s rep over time has swung in popularity but has never been knocked out. I have always loved a G & T, which oddly was only a few years ago seen as the upper class old ladies drink. Well its now bounced back as the choice of the stylish and in Turners there are loads of options to what G to add to your T.


I was just finishing up my chat with David (who is a fabulous chap and a real joy to talk to) when I thought I would ask the most obvious question.

“Which is your favourite beer to take home?”

He looked around for the moment at the shelves stacked with bottles and cans, of fun designs and all shapes and for a moment he looked lost in choice.

And I am not surprised ….. I would not have the slightest idea of where to start either.


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