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Item of Interest - African Tribal Manhood Cover (1800's/1900's)

The African Tribal Manhood Cover

The most important thing to note about this unique and superb item is that it is a “Day to Day” Manhood tip cover. It would be severely frowned upon where you to rock up to an important ceremony wearing it. This is a wonderful piece but it is very much for casual everyday wear.

This begs the obvious question as to smart/casual events …. A more refined barbecue at a upper class house or dinner in an gastro pub or such like.

Although my data in respect to African Tribal traditions is limited I do believe I can offer the same advice I gave a young friend of mine some years ago.

The young chap in question had through hard work and industry found himself financially secure remarkably quickly after leaving school. Apprenticed as an electrician and savvy about cash he had a wallet full of melvins and the sense not to be frivolous with the contents.

Upon meeting a young lady who had stolen his heart he decided to sweep her off her feet with some of these melvins in a posh (gastro) pub. Having not ventured to such an establishment before and unsure upon the dress etiquette he enquired of me as to the correct procedure. I assured him that the look was very much smart/casual. Wear good clean quality but do not go dressed to the nines.

He unwisely decided to forego my sage like offerings and he tucked himself into his one suit (weddings and funerals suit) and instructed his young lady to dress likewise (posh frock I assume). They subsequently stood out like sore thumbs at a fingers convention and the night was an uncomfortable feeling of being over dressed for the occasion. When hearing this I shook my head sadly and quoted my Step Dads phrase that “money does the talking”. The people going to these places have assured financial stability and the social convention is no longer to deny entrance for lack of shirt and tie.

The African Tribal Manhood Tip Cover is very much the same kind of thing.

It may be an idea to give it a bit of a polish and buff beforehand but on smart/casual events I would strongly suggest going in the “Day to Day” Manhood cover rather than the ceremonial as one does not wish to stand out uncomfortably at an event.

Otherwise, should the preference take you, simply purchase this fine item and place it for all to see as a conversational point for visiting friend and family.

Available at Langtons for £68.

Disclaimer ..... In the interests of seriousness the item is indeed correctly named an African Tribal Penis Cover. In the interests of not so seriousness ... I did some research and discovered one on line from a different period ... I was somewhat immaturely amused to note the condition to be described as ......used.


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