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Hansons at the Picture House .... Antique Roadshow style

There is something so genius about comedy that hits the mark on many different levels.

I would argue that one of the best examples of a comedy show that can be viewed simply for its visual humour and its intelligence is Family Guy. Sure it can be dismissed as somewhat puerile humour, but that is to also ignore the sheer amount of general knowledge required to get a decent proportion of the jokes it makes.

One of the shiniest and greatest examples of this though is the massively successful and wonderfully funny Fraiser.

There is a scene in one episode (A Tsar is Born should you be interested) where Frasier and Niles wish to watch their favourite show The Antiques Roadshow. Their father Martin however wishes to watch his favourite gameshow. An argument is swiftly abated when it becomes clearer that Martin’s favourite gameshow is about people bringing family heirlooms to be valued.

Martin is not the snob that Frasier and Niles are but equally gains enjoyment at The Antiques Roadshow, just as comedy transcends class so does our very own Antiques Roadshow.

It is now impossible to separate the concept of antique valuations and Antiques Roadshow, they are cemented together in our consciousness.

It is therefore with great pleasure that Hansons Auctioneers and Valuers will be hosting their very own Antiques Roadshow style events at the Abbeydale Picture House, a building run by CADS and perfect for such events.

Abbeydale Picture House

Charles Hanson is no stranger to such events having been prominent in Bargain Hunt and Antiques Road Trip.

Although my most fun fact was discovered when I did a Wikipedia (yes Wikipedia … I had to check) and found he once sold a Chinese Porcelain vase for £650’000 which had been used as a door stop for 36 years.

Hanson Vase

If there is anything to be learnt by this it is this …. You need to scour your attic, raid the cupboards and search the cellar …. You never know what treasures are hiding in the house. Speak to Grandma and find out where she got that cane …. Ask Granddad if you can borrow that ornament from his shelf.

And do it quick …. The first event is to be held Tuesday 12th December between 10am and 2pm. Mr Charles Hanson and his team are going to be on hand and a few micro exhibitions including a rare display of Islamic Arms and Armour and Memorabilia from the Sheffield Historic Buildings society.

All proceeds from the valuations will be going to the amazing St Luke’s who offer such great support to those in great need.

I personally am raiding my keep sake chests to see if I can find anything worth taking along ….

But even if you don’t have anything to bring, just bring yourself and see if that £650’000 door stop can be beaten.

Hansons at the Abbeydale Picture House




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