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Green Man Trail @ Meersbrook Park

The Meersbrook Park Green Man Sculpture Trail has only just started. The Green Man is an ancient symbol of fertility and growth, associated with nature and woodland. He dates back to Norman times, when Sheffield was covered in forest and woodland-dwellers would shoot at intruders with bows and arrows from a vantage point high up in the trees. The Green Man heads acted as an ancient form of scarecrow, making it appear that more people were up in the trees than there actually were! Sheffield-based sculptor, Paul Casson-Yardley, of Capo Ferro Sculpture designs and creates the Green Man sculptured heads using Portland Stone. They are suitable for outdoor display, and each one is slightly different. Some have a cheeky, mischievous air, while others exert a sense of calm and stability. The sculptured Green Men heads are positioned in trees around the lower half of Meersbrook Park – how many can you spot? Sponsored by: Capo Ferro Sculpture

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