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Gin Bar - Where stories unfold

I made a mistake ……

Not a major boo boo in the greater scheme of things …. But a mistake all the same.

I am certain and sure that you as intelligent people understand that when you see people in adverts on the electronic television and adverts know that the people you see are not in actual fact …. Customers.

Gin Bar Customers

Gin Bar Customers

Gin Bar Customers

So when I first decided to do a promotion shoot I invited some lovely people to come and pretend to be customers in the Gin Bar on Abbeydale Road it was normal operating procedure. I decided to make the Gin Bar look like the kind of friendly welcoming environment that you would like to visit. The kind of place where you may share an intimate drink, relax with a book or get all intense and be an interesting character at the bar …. A writer perhaps considering the plot of his next novel.

I wanted to paint the Gin Bar as exactly as I thought of it, an interesting place where stories unfold. It’s the kind of place that can be intimate, entertaining, relaxing or lively dependent on time of day or which night. There seems to be no fixed feel … It’s as pliable as the characters that populate it at that particular moment …. I need not have bothered trying .... As it is exactly what it is ..... 

Even if you do not live in Sheffield there is a darn good chance you have heard that there are some issues with regards to its trees. It is a long and complicated story which boils down to some people in Sheffield wishing to cut down a lot of trees and some people in Sheffield trying to stop environmental vandalism.

The Gin bar played host to some of those people trying to prevent the environmental vandalism and raise money for a documentary film called “Tales from Stump City”. It was a fun evening where a lot of like minded people sat and drank gin while discussing the various episodes in which they had taken part.

Gin Bar Customers

This was on a Thursday evening ….

By Sunday I was back there in my capacity as photographer for Paradise Hill Productions. Its owner Aaron Casserly Stewart hails from the US of A where he had rather distinguished himself by being a singer for the three times Grammy award winning Sounds of Blackness. He went on to manage Prince’s keyboardist and now exists in Sheffield …. All of which sounds as impressive …. But not as impressive as his voice which speaks for itself (pun literal). I once heard him sing in the Abbeydale Picture House and even when he was testing the sound his melodies passed over the attendees like velvet.

Gin Bar Customers

Next Monday I was back again …. This time on a personal project where I was working with the fabulous Burlesque performer Krystal Rouge on a video concept we had been working …. A different vibe again … Video to be released soon .... Hopefully ;-) 

Gin Bar Customers

I do not think I have walked into the Gin Bar twice and found exactly the same situation … Except it is always welcoming and friendly and always entertaining.

..... And did I mention they serve Gin? 

Models for Gin Bar

Adrian Nicklin


Caitlin Seorin


Barton chase 


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