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Are Carboots for you...? And is there such a thing as a haunted bath mat?

A few weeks ago I was doing a Prom Photoshoot (I am a photographer … I make the big black thing make clicky noises) with two lovely young girls who have yet to emerge from the education system.

During a break in the shoot we got into a discussion about school academia and I ended up in a bit of a rant about Trigonometry. When I revealed the total amount of times I had call to use Trigonometry as being zero the girls were unimpressed.  In fact I would describe them both as horrified and now immensely suspicious about the large amount of information school was attempting to crowbar into them. I had unthinkingly provided evidence to support their doubts that school was not really supplying life useful information.

It therefore pains me a month or so later to have to commence this bloggy woggy thing with a little bit of mathematics …. Or at least some percentage work.

The laptop bag which ferries around the very laptop I type these works was purchased at a Carboot sale. It sat on a paste board all pristine and in its original packaging displaying the wonderfully tempting price of 50 United Kingdom pence (or $0.64 dollars at current exchange rates …. Goodness grief what it may be now but I am not going to keep updating this). I needed a new laptop bag and a quick examination confirmed this 50 pence find would suit me and laptop perfectly.

So to clarify at an actual retail shopping mark of around 30 quid it was a saving of £29-50 or (anyone know how to find the calculator on Windows 8 …. Hang on … I’ll use the one on my phone … So if I remember rightly … .its 30 divided by 100 and then times 29.50 …. Which equals 8.85% … So 100 – 8.85 ….)

So I made a saving of £29-50 and that is a discount of 91.15%, which is not bad as it goes.

When I was young Carboots were primarily known for places where one could purchase dodgy copies of films that were still on at the cinema. When you got home you were lucky enough to get a bad copy of Back to the Future which you were expecting and not a Hindi dubbed copy of Pee Wee’s Big Adventure (which you did not).

These days Carboots are more where the bargains are to be had for the discerning punter and a sharp eye and imagination.

Carboot Vintage Flea Retro Abbeydale Picture House Bartonchase Photgraphy

The last carboot I want to I spotted a rather worn but perfectly serviceable early 20th century table for a tenner. Perfectly useable in its current condition but with some vim, vinegar, elbow grease and varnish you would have rock solid period piece.

So a bargain on a budget or a superior Antique piece for the collector happy to do a project.

Sure the modern carboot can provide the usual five dog eared books for a £1 or some other moth eaten piece, but they also provide a bargain to be had. Almost all decent forgetful and impulse purchasing human beings have items in their house which they bought on a whim and are never used …. I had a bread maker I bought with the intention of baking each morning … It was a wonderful thing never used but still required dusting.

These are the kind of items that can be purchased at a bargain at the modern carboot.

And at the Vintage Flea Carboot there are plenty of vintage and retro items to be found at a bargain price too.

So are carboots for you?

Vintage Carboot Clothes Abbeydale Antiques Quarter Sheffield Bartonchase Photography

Well if you like walking into a shop and emerging five minutes later with exactly the item you wanted in the first place …..

Then the answer is still probably a maybe … I would have done exactly the same with the laptop bag had I not seen this tremendous bargain.

If however you are shopping on a budget, looking for a unique piece, after a bargain or like being surprised with an excellent find …..

Well …. Yes …. Yes of course carboots are for you.

And at the Abbeydale Picture House you can grab a coffee while you walk around.

I awoke this morning to find the bathroom floor mat on the kitchen work surface ….

I would like to say that I purchased this at a carboot and I had purchased a haunted one … Disappointingly I actually purchased it at a major store and the chances are I simply went to the toilet half asleep and for some reason carried it to the kitchen …

A haunted bath mat bought at a Carboot would have been a cracking ending though ….

Sunday 3rd September 2017 at the Abbeydale Picture House The Vintage Flea and Carboot.

Where anything could be on the table.

Vintage Carboot Clothes Abbeydale Antiques Quarter Sheffield Bartonchase Photography


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